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firma_zevarThe company ZEVAR s.r.o. is focused on fermented and raw alcohol production and its subsequent processing by means of refining for more than 10 years. The result is our final product is fine, hyperfine alcohol and alcohol for technical purposes. We endeavour to do the maximum for our business partners who appreciate our fair and friendly approach, flexible negotiation and high quality of our products.

For alcohol producing we use only high-grade and safe feedstock. All used cereals thus comes from the hands of Czech farmers, especially from environmentally freindly sources of the Czech-Moravian Highland.


Z - CUSTOMER (in czech - Zakaznik) - The goal of our company is to satisfy our customer´s needs.
E - ECOLOGY - (in czech - Ekologie) Reward for our customer´s loyalty is the strong economy of our company which decisively influences quality of our service we provide. Of course we respect the environment!
V - POWER - (in czech - Vykon) The result of achievement and product is the highest quality and best service we offer.
A - ACTION - (in czech - Akce)Our fightingpower results from durable development of our manufacturing equpiment, technology modernization and training.
R - WISDOM - (in czech - Rozum) Wisdom is the most important and decisive human´s feature and very important in the realm of business. If everything works smoothly it is a mark of fair company.