quality without compromises...



The main objective and plan of ZEVAR Černá, s.r.o. is such a production level capable of assuring the optimum compliance with the requirements of existing and future customers for product quality, prices, and delivery dates. Further requirement is conformity with the legal regulations with a minimum impact of the company activities on the environment. ZEVAR Černá, s.r.o. meets all of these requirements while utilising to the maximum extent the knowledge and experience of its employees and professional competence of its suppliers.




In harmony with this declaration the Company Management defines the quality policy below:

• achieve the stable quality of the products while improving the overall performance of the company

• accept and evaluate specific quality objectives to improve the Quality Management System and the product quality

• meet the requirements and expectations of customers, maintain the permanent constituency while winning new customers

• maintain and improve the Quality Management System so that it complies with the requirements of ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009 being at the same time practical and efficient

• improve qualification, professional qualification and involvement of employees to ensure permanent product quality and company prosperity

• improve the supplier-customer relationships while involving the company customers and suppliers into the process of unceasing improvement of production quality


In Větrný Jeníkov, as of Sept 01, 2009
Jan Nepraš
Corporate Agent and Management Representative