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ECOLOGICAL antifreeze agent on BIOLOGICAL basis intended for primary circuits of the heat pumps.


An ethylalcohol based liquid mixture that is used as a heat transfer agent with a low freezing point into primary circuits of the heat pumps. And, to smaller extent, into the cooling circuits as well.

It is diluted with water for further use.


Dilution: product / water 1 : 1 1 : 1,5 1 : 2 1 : 3
Frost-proof temperature -32°C -20°C -15°C -11°C
Flash point 23.5°C 26.5°C 29°C 33.5°C


The standard warranty period of the fluid is 2 years with a life expectancy of a min. period of 10 years providing the fluid is checked for condition on regular basis.


The standard fluid colour is green.

The alcohol-based fluid is ecologically harmless and it requires neither additional measures nor any containment in case that the fluid leaks from the system. The specified storage temperature must be observed with regard to the fluid flammability.


Safety Data Sheet - on request (it is always delivered with the fluid)

Technical Data Sheet - on request