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Customized products/Private brands

Alcohol Denaturation



What we provide for our customers aside from the manufacture of alcohol mixtures according to the common and our own prescriptions are so called "special denaturations". It is the alcohol denaturation according to the denaturation prescriptions of customers.


The manufacture of alcohols with special denaturation is conditional upon the approved denaturation prescription and the permit for its application. In case such prerequisite exists we are ready to produce any alcohol mixture.


Heat Transfer Fluids


The standard products from the area of heat transfer fluids are manufactured from a concentrated mixture with a freezing point of -80°C or, in case of the fluids for solar systems, in a concentration with a freezing point of -32°C.


We prepare the heat transfer fluids on customer requests that are diluted in concentrations for the freezing points outside of the standard manufacture framework. These fluids are used particularly for the larger job orders where the dilution of concentrates beyond the manufacture premises of our company would pose a demanding problem.


Final dilution of the heat transfer fluid concentrates is recommended by the manufacturer in the catalogue, technical documents and on the product label.

The manufacturer guarantees reliable performance of the system's corrosion protection by the fluid dilution of 1:3


Private Brands

4_DSC_1378In case of long-term contracts that assure consumption of specific amount of products we produce fluids with a customer's private brand. This service renders possible for the customer to define product's colour differentiation, frost-proof temperature, package size, and graphical appearance of labels.